Monday, June 8, 2009

Redesign your kids room for cheap!

Many parents wonder how they can inexpensively change the design of their child’s room. Cost has become an even more important issue these days as everyone is trying to find ways to tighten their budget. Choosing bright and unique kids wall art can be a simple solution to this dilemma, as you can create a whole new atmosphere in the room by simply adding a new focal point.

By painting a new color on the walls, rearranging and/or repainting existing furniture (repurposing) and choosing kids wall art to suit your child, you can give your child a fresh new room at an affordable cost.

Here are a few of my paintings that could really make a dramatic effect in a child's room...


  1. Fun to have you on blogger Amy. Another way to get people to you, we are still loving our painting.

  2. you have added wonderful images of the art, it really look amazing, the elephant art looking so different i like this and others also good, i enjoy them.

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  3. Youngsters typically have complicated sharing their bedroom, because they need space to do things alone. But if you do not have the choice to provide separate rooms for your children, style the space in such a way that they can have privacy and have their personal space inside the bedroom. With sufficient organizing and a little creativity, you will be capable to develop a bedroom that your youngsters would appreciate to share.
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  4. Most of the time it is difficult to find wall art for kids room, but we can look on collections from art stores where special theme chosen by artists to satisfy your kids with amazing patterns of wall decors made with innovative designs.

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